Texas Certified License to Carry a Handgun (LTC) Instructor
NRA Certified Instructor

About Us

Every day there are stories in the news pertaining to various criminal acts such as robberies, rapes, muggings, home invasions, carjackings, and murders that are being committed against innocent, unsuspecting, unprepared people. Criminals take the time to research, study, and develop a plan as to how they can carry out these acts. If criminals understand the importance of being prepared to conduct acts of criminal behavior, shouldn’t you be better prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones from them?

First Law of Nature is equipped and trained to communicate the philosophy of Self-Preservation to you. Our classes are held in a comfortable setting with a very relaxed atmosphere. Whether you have experience in shooting a handgun or if you have never held one before, you will leave our class with the newfound or renewed philosophy of the First Law of Nature…Self-Preservation. Are you ready to become a responsible and prepared gun owner?

The instructor has many years of Military Law Enforcement experience and is a Combat Veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm and Operation Just Cause.  Currently holds certifications from the State of Texas as a Department of Public Safety (DPS) Certified License To Carry a Handgun (LTC) Instructor and the National Rifle Association (NRA) as a Certified Pistol Instructor.

How We Differ

We have a vested interest in our students. Our commitment to developing responsible and prepared gun owners extends beyond the classroom portion of obtaining a LTC. The desire for our students to be prepared is so strong, we are willing to lend ourselves to the entire process of gun ownership. This includes researching various handguns to meet each individual’s needs, accompanying our students when they are ready to make their purchase, and spending time with the students on the range to help them become comfortable with their handgun.

Our educational materials are continuously updated to ensure the information presented will always be current, relevant, informative, and fun. You will leave our class with the knowledge and the ability to protect yourself and your loved ones should the need arise.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simple, to expel the mindset of “that will never happen to me” and adopt the mindset of the First Law of Nature, Self-Preservation…preservation of oneself from harm or destruction.