Texas Certified License to Carry a Handgun (LTC) Instructor
NRA Certified Instructor




What our clients say

"I can't tell you enough how AWESOME the class was and Michael was as an instructor! He is very knowledgeable and knows how to keep the group engaged. He's patient and has very excellent customer service in making sure all of his students are well taken care of. We learned an immeasurable amount of information about the laws and how to handle and shoot a firearm. I truly feel confident now in being able to properly defend me and mine! I HIGHLY recommend this class to all the women out there!" Valorie (Houston)

"If you've been thinking about getting your CHL, think no longer! First Law of Nature will provide you with the tools you need to safely and lawfully carry your firearm. Michael Mitchell is an excellent, charismatic and engaging instructor in the classroom and on the range. Our class had a blast! The customer service you'll receive is bar none! You won't regret choosing First Law of Nature!" Angelia (Houston)

"Michael's class was awesome and very informative...not boring one bit! He made the process a seamless one and I highly recommend everyone to "like" his page and register to take his class. You will become more educated about weapons and he'll assist you through the process to receive your concealed weapons permit. Michael is a wonderful instructor!" Cindy (Houston)

"I can't express enough how wonderful this class was. Getting my CHL was not on my bucket list until recently and I am so blessed I received my training with First Law of Nature. Michael Mitchell is not only an amazing teacher but he is patient and encouraging. His class is informative and enlightening. You don't leave feeling that no question as been unanswered. I never held a gun before so needless to say I was nervous at the range. Michael Mitchell not only gave me the skills to protect myself, the knowledge of being a CHL holder but the courage and belief in myself in knowing that I can do this!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Please contact First Law of Nature to begin your journey in becoming a CHL holder." Angela (Houston)

"This class was absolutely amazing! Informative and hands-on. From all the tips we learned on how to protect ourselves and our families to completing the shooting range portion, this class has given me the confidence to execute the First Law of Nature effectively and safely. Thanks Michael!" Melinda (Sugar Land)

"This is the best class if looking to get your CHL and also learn some other skills to help protect yourself. This class was nothing like the class I took many years ago from another business." Tasha (Friendswood)

"Received CHL training and a whole lot more from Mike Mitchell at FLON. Awesome class! Great practical advice! And a great result at the range too... All this simply because Mike truly cares that we can protect ourselves and our families." Glenniece (Fresno)

"This was an awesome, educational, and interactive class. The instructor is VERY patient, straight forward and helpful throughout the class. It was BOTH entertaining and insightful. I HIGHLY recommend this course. You WILL be pleased!!!" Tna (Katy)

"Great class! Very informative, the instructor was extremely knowledgeable and patient. He's very passionate about the class! I not only learned about gun laws, but I learned how to hold, handle, and shoot a gun all in one day." Kori (Fresno)

"Outstanding class! Best instructor in the world! Informative, covered all material in detail! Excellent lecture style, never lost our interest. Everyone should take this course!" Rhonda (Pearland)

"He took a very serious and formidable topic and made it more comfortable. His students are now armed with knowledge and literally : )" Tina (Rosharon)

"Mike is an exceptional instructor who is highly knowledgeable and extremely dedicated to ensuring his students become responsible gun owners.  Mike ensures that his students know the laws governing gun ownership, correct shooting techniques and protocol as well as the overall care of your gun.  Mike went the extra mile in helping me research and purchase my first gun and has provided guidance to me at the range.  I would definitely recommend his class to anyone interested in obtaining their CHL." Sam (Pearland)

"Before going to the range with Michael I was hesitant to handle a firearm.  That has since changed.  Michael taught me how to properly handle a weapon and to shoot with accuracy and proficiency.  Michael was extremely patient and knowledgeable.  He was highly encouraging and helped me to gain confidence in my ability to protect myself and loved ones should the need arise." Felicia (Cypress)