Texas Certified License to Carry a Handgun (LTC) Instructor
NRA Certified Instructor

Different Types Handgun Classes


1 On 1 Basic Handgun Class (Call to Schedule a Time)

This 1 on 1 session is designed for people who would like to become more familiar with their handgun and improve thier proficiency. Students will focus on handgun shooting fundamentals including proper grip, sight alignment/sight picture, breathing and trigger control. Acquiring these basic skill requirements is critical to developing sufficient proficiency with a handgun to safely and effectively employ it in a defensive shooting situation.  Please bring at least 100 rounds of ammunition (BRASS CASE AMMO ONLY - NO STEEL CASE).


License To Carry A Handgun Class

The State of Texas passed laws that allow its citizens to carry, open or concealed, handguns for self-protection. Obtaining a License To Carry (LTC) A Handgun in the State of Texas requires a minimum 6-8-hour License To Carry A Handgun Certification Course which is outlined by the State Department of Public Safety and covers:
• The Use of Force
• Handgun Safety
• Handgun Storage
• Dispute Resolution
• State Licensing Requirements
Obtaining a license to carry a handgun in the State of Texas requires completion of the Certification Course, passing the shooting proficiency test, and passing a 25 question written test.  Please bring at least 50 rounds of ammunition (BRASS CASE AMMO ONLY - NO STEEL CASE).


Private LTC Group Class

Would you feel more comfortable taking a LTC class with your family and friends?  Call us today to schedule a class for you and your invited guest ONLY!  We can accommodate your needs. 

What You Will Need for All Classes and Range
For the RANGE, we recommend you bring the following items:
1.  Handgun - Semi Automatic or Revolver. It must be a .32 caliber or larger.  Firearms will be brought into the range when we qualify.  Please make sure your gun is UNLOADED and stored in a case.
2.  Hearing Protection - Ear Muff Style (If you do not have hearing protection, the range will provide hearing protection for you).
3.  Eye Protection - Safety glasses or shatter-proof prescription lenses are required. (If you do not have eye protection the range will provide eye protection for you).
4.  Ammunition - Please see specific classes for the amount of ammunition you will need to bring (BRASS CASE AMMO ONLY - NO STEEL CASE).

For the CLASSROOM, we require you bring the following items:
1.  Texas Driver License
2.  Non-U.S. citizens must provide documentation to confirm legal alien residence status.